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Make Clothes That Fit provides a range of courses for people who are interested in learning how to sew their own clothes and want them to fit properly to look really professional.  

The courses are all structured with the entry level course being a 3 hour introduction to using a sewing machine, which we call ‘Get to Know your Sewing Machine’.

The longer courses run for 2.5 hours per session with Beginner’s Dressmaking and Sewing Skills for complete Novices running weekly.

Follow on courses offered build on the essential learning from the Beginner’s Dressmaking course and are usually run for 5 sessions either weekly or fortnightly.  These include Next Steps for Beginners (Intermediate level), Shirt-Making a Classic Shirt, Introduction to Soft Tailoring- making lined tailored as the first garment using tailoring methods aimed at more experienced dressmakers. A garment is made on each of these courses and further progression from these courses is available subject to demand.

 The Improvers course is a portfolio building course covering a wide range of more advanced sewing methods not covered on other courses. The Improvers course does not include the construction of a final garment.

Design and Pattern-cutting courses are available beginning with the construction of the Straight Tailored Skirt Block which is run as two one day workshops covering, drafting the skirt to your individual figure type on Day 1 and learning how to adapt it to create different styles on day 2.

Day and evening classes at all levels are available on a rolling basis throughout the year.  The planning of the courses enables participants to progress in developing their sewing abilities and confidence, timed to suit the individual learning goals of participants.  

One day sewing workshops run on an occasional basis, as the aim of these sessions is to make a very simple to construct garment without a pattern.  The simplest to make is the beach wrap as it is very quick and easy to sew.  Most complex is the wrap over kimono.

Shirt Making Course